Paul Otlet, Traite de Documentation (1934), p.41
Paul Otlet, Traite de Documentation (1934), p.41

On Saturday, 28 March, A Public Library will be hosting the second book remixing event in a series of workshops by the Bureau for Book Liberation (#bbl). The book remixing workshops will unfold over a series of monthly meetings, leading to the launch of a metashelf of book remixes. The workshops will address different components of hybrid books at each meeting, but please feel free to join at any time. There will be information posted here as well as on their site to follow along.

The Bureau for Book Liberation (#bbl) looks to free publications from the confines of the bound paper codex and monopolies of distribution. It seeks to establish new forms of reading and accessing information while envisioning alternatives to restrictive corporate copyright.

The #bbl serves two functions for a reusable framework:

  1. The experimentation with the design of the book in an imagined post/anti-copyright age.
  2. A technical open source framework for a fully digital and networked book.

The #bbl does not have the technical know-how for exploration of copyright issues to support the proposed framework, but welcomes input to develop this important area.

For more details on the second book remixing event, please visit here. For more information, resources and how the Book Remixing workshop will work please visit here.

The Bureau for Book Liberation is a project of the Hybrid Publishing Consortium.