Paul Otlet, Traite de Documentation (1934), p.41
Paul Otlet, Traite de Documentation (1934), p.41

The Bureau for Book Liberation: Book Remixing #02 is the second in a series of workshops for designing and making new types of hybrid books. The hybrid book, or unbound book, is an experiment to investigate what happens once the book is free of its current form of a printed book and usable in multiple and malleable digital forms.

The second workshop will focus on cataloging and uploading. Please bring along a list of books that you would like to remix and a computer. The list is essential! If it’s your first time at #bbl please feel free to come along and we’ll give you a quick introduction to get you up to speed.

In this session we’ll be creating a Calibre library to catalog our books. Then we’ll upload the passages that are selected to GitHub as HTML5 files with catalog metadata. In later workshops we will look at how we use GitHub to recombine these passages into multi-format publications, print-on-demand, eBooks and web sites etc.

For more info see the #bbl GitHub page

The book remixing workshops will unfold over a series of monthly meetings, leading to the launch of a metashelf of book remixes. The workshops will address different components of hybrid books at each meeting, but please feel free to join at any time. There will be information posted on Facebook as well as on GitHub where you can follow along.

You can see how the entire book remixing process works at the #bbl wiki.

This workshop will take place in English.